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Housing developer in Madrid - Juban Real Estate

Juban Group is made up by a set of Spanish share capital companies, which sell new build property development projects and rent owned office buildings, retail spaces, industrial warehouses and luxury homes in Madrid.

Juban Group, reference housing property developer in Madrid, was born in 1959 with the construction of most part of the residential area of Mirasierra. A housing and office buildings development with their respective retail spaces was established.

Later on, Juban performed the construction of the Madrid Mirasierra Sheraton Hotel & Spa, which was opened in 2003.
Subsequently residential buildings were projected in other areas of Madrid as the Campo de las Naciones, the PAU of Carabanchel and Colmenar Viejo.

Currently, Juban Real Estate is marketing the luxury housing development in Madrid CC72 Mirasierra.

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Living in Mirasierra

Living in Mirasierra means living in one of the most landmark areas of Madrid, in a unique environment. A place that offers a great quality life´s level without leaving the city.

With CC72 Mirasierra, Juban Real Estate offers the opportunity to live in the best new build luxury homes development in Madrid, in a building consisting of 56 incredible flats, up to 240 sq. m, with the best quality materials and the most advanced technology.

Juban Real Estate adopted more than 60 years ago a Commitment with the Essential.

Juban Real Estate

Juban Real Estate, much more than a home developer in Madrid, is the owner of several emblematic buildings of Madrid. Hotels like the Sheraton Madrid Mirasierra Suites & Spa, Professional Spaces in strategic areas of the Capital,Office buildings housing major companies, Commercial and Business Centers which houses well-known brands, as well as Nursing Homes, Commercial and Industrial Buildings. All these spaces address specific public audience very attractive for many leading companies and brands.

Juban Real Estate proposes you a Commitment with Spaces.